Women Who Innovate – #3Wedu OLC Innovate Recap

On April 5, the women of #3Wedu traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to facilitate a round table discussion on ways to re-define education to support women in innovative contexts.

News, blogs, and panels are filled with horror stories from Silicon Valley, reflecting pay gaps, gender bias, and more. In our roundtable, we first asked “what does it mean to be a woman in innovative education environments?” Next, we thought about how we might re-imagine the organizational structures of universities to be more supportive of women. Click here if you would like to review the discussion notes.

In this episode of the #3Wedu podcast, we’ll reflect on the roundtable: who we met, what we heard, and ways we might move forward. Join us, April 26, at 6 PM EST/5 PM CDT/4 PM MST/3 PM PDT. Click here to review the show notes.

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On Overcommitment

My calendar looks like someone threw up on it.

This is not a complaint. It’s not a humble brag. It is a fact. I am an overcommitter. I’m even somewhat unrepentant about it.

My calendar, with its amalgam of colored blocks, color coding, electronics, paper, and bright-eyed hopefulness that each entry will be accomplished looks… scary. For whatever reason, my brain likens it to those mysterious, multi-colored surprises on the sidewalk you’d rather walk around than step on.

A screencap of my calendar, indicating that almost all of my free time is taken up. The only real open time is on Tuesday afternoon.
This is a pretty light week, meeting-wise.


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Is This Thing On?



I’m Jess. I am a 39-year-old socially awkward White CIS female. I live in Michigan with my husband and two dogs, and love my flannel pants more than I love most people. I am a middle-manager in an academic and IT context, which can, from time to time, run counter to nearly everything I’ve just told you. That’s why I’m here.

Here’s the dish. A quick, super-scientific Google image search for the term “leader” (of COURSE safe search was activated… this time) that I just did returned the following delightful and holistic representation of my field.

the images that are returned when a google image search is done on leadership is completely male dominated
Seriously? Seriously. Thanks, dude-Google.

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